• The brand

    The RUSÉE leatherwear brand that produces limited editions of luxury accessories with clever, sleek designs.

    The bags and bracelets are designed in Belgium and made in France. RUSÉE products reflect the quest for the perfect balance between graphic design, contrasting colours and timeless lines.

    RUSÉE, an anagram of RE-USE, is a reference to the upcycling model embraced by the brand. Each accessory is made using premium quality leather offcuts. Wearing a RUSÉE accessory gives you the experience of luxury leatherwear combined with innovation inspired by nature.

  • Our products

    Finesse and intelligent design are at the core of RUSÉE’s products.

    Each accessory is handmade according to traditional French saddlery and leather techniques, and particular attention is paid to the detail and finish.

    We select the best leather offcuts and strive to find the highest quality pieces. The material is soft and light, making fluid, graphic lines possible. The bright, bold colours showcase the sleek designs of our accessories.

    Our products are inspired by nature. This comes through in our aesthetics, in the ingenuity of our designs and in our upcycling model.

  • Our values

    We really value savoir-faire and craftsmanship. Our products are handmade, in a French workshop that is renowned for the high quality of its work.

    Protecting the planet and its resources is another priority for us. In order to limit their impact on the environment, our accessories are made using leather offcuts. By using these materials, we give them a second life, and demonstrate the fantastic creative and innovative potential of conscious, respectful fashion. It is precisely this rarity and unpredictability of the available materials that make the design process so exciting and fascinating.

    The craftsmanship and use of rare materials also guarantee that every RUSÉE accessory is unique.
    All of our materials are meticulously selected. Our leather offcuts come from France and are totally recycled. Our organic cotton fabrics (GOTS) are woven in a French workshop. Our tissue paper comes from sustainably managed forests (FSC) and our reusable recycled cotton bags are printed in Belgium. For our bracelets, we use our own leather offcuts from our handbags. At RUSÉE, nothing is wasted!